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Isn’t the feeling of winning the best feeling in the world? From ancient times, people used games as a form of entertainment. For as long as we can remember, mankind searched for numerous ways to have fun. If you look closely in the history of the world, you will notice that the desire for betting dates back to the times of ancient Greece. For example, at the first Olympic games betting is believed to have appeared. There, the people of Ancient Greece gathered to watch some of the best athletes of those times, that would of course compete in the Olympic games. But they not only gathered to entertain themselves. They also came up with a fun way of enjoying the sports, even though they were not the ones playing. And so, the art of betting came to life. Moreover, later on, it was in the Colosseum of the Roman Empire that people started betting for the first time, in the true sense of the world. The battles between the gladiators were seen as a very entertaining sport.  The crowds cheered every time a player lost his life in the bloody battles. But not the certain death of the gladiator was the only reason they cheered about. After all, in those times people began to be more educated and less barbarian. The main reason they might have cheered was because  they placed a bet on who would be the winner of the match, and the gladiator they bet on won.

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This kind of practice is not happening nowadays, of course. However, the art of betting was taken to another level. For exemple, in casino games you’ll find players thinking of strategies to beat the odds, and make the right bet so they win a when they play casino slots for example. What makes the casino slots on our website so special, is that they are almost identical with the ones you may find in a land based casino. However, even if they resemble their predecessors, they are have been updated on a regular basis, in order to meet the needs of every player. That is why, now you gave the possibility to choose from a wide selection of movie themed slots, or slots that are based on your favourite books or tv series. Their realistic graphics and soundtracks make them very attractive to new players: nowadays slots are very interactive, and actually make you feel thay you are part of the game from the moment you press the first button to start it.

Here at River Coast Casino you can find three, five or more reel slots, or even slots that have a progressive jackpot, if you want to fasten the pace of the game. Make sure you find the scatter symbol and win the big jackpot!

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We’re enclined to believe that in order to become a great player, you need one thing and that is practice. Whatever game you enjoy playing, be it casino Blackjack, online casino Roulette, casino slots, you can play it here for free in order to improve your set of skills. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a High Roller? Well, now is the time to start practicing and step up your gambling game. River Coast Casino offers the widest range of casino games, including: casino Blackjack, online casino Roulette and casino slots. What is more, you can play without having to make a deposit of any kind. Why make all the games free? Because in that way, you can truly enjoy the entire gambling experience. Plus, by playing on a regular basis your favourite game, you get to be better and better at it and in the end, use the skills you acquired to play real money and win big!

This being said, here you can enjoy great casino Blackjack games. Depending on the difficulty you wish for, you can choose a game with one, two or many decks of cards. Casino Blackjack, also known as 21, is a casino game where you can develop great strategy skills. That is because you have to think in advance, and not only pay attention to your cards, but you also need to pay attention to what card the dealer has facing up. If, on the other hand, you’re not a very big fan of the game of 21, you don’t need to hurry and leave our website.

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If you are tired of playing the same boring game of Roulette, then River Coast Casino is the answer to all your prayers. Not only do we have the best varieties of online casino roulettes out there, but we make sure that you can play them on your phone, computer or tablet. Fancy a classic game of European Roulette? Just pick one of the many online casino games of roulette, and make the best of the chance of multiple betting! Enjoy the outstanding graphics and easy to use layout of the game, while you strategically place your bets. If, however, you find it too easy to win in the game of European Roulette, we suggest you might like the game of American Roulette, where the house has a different house edge and tends to be a bit bigger than the one in the European Roulette.  What makes the game of American  Roulette so special is that, unlike its european twin, this USA variant has something different. Moreover, that special something is also the reason for the higher house edge.  And that thing is the double zero on the roulette table, whose presence automatically increseas the chance of winning in favour of the house.

What is more, online you get to have the advantages that you normally wouldn’t find in a brick and mortar casino.

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